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Priam Avian Diets – General Information from Priam Parrot Breeding Centre

Priam Avian Diets – General Information

December 21, 2009

Seed alone does not provide a balanced diet for birds. There are a number of diets available for pet birds that are nutritionally balanced. Extruded diets that are commercially produced and nutrionally balanced are available for birds on both a species-specific or a general maintenance basis. Seed mixes that contain dried fruits and vitamin and mineral supplements are also commercially available, which in addition to fresh fruits, vegetables and depending on the species, various forms of insects are essential to form a more balanced diet.

A balanced diet is essential when hand rearing birds. Pretty Bird Ltd, Harrisons Bird Foods, and Vetafarm are companies specializing in the successful development of hand rearing diets. Continual perfection and product refining have contributed to the popularity of their products amongst breeders.

Hand Rearing Diets

Hand rearing baby birds has always been popular amongst aviculturists. Commercially produced hand rearing diets have been available for many years. Over time, these diets have been specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of developing chicks. Pretty Bird, Harrisons Bird Products, and Vetafarm have all developed hand-rearing diets that address nutritional requirements by promoting increased digestibility and solution consistency. Both Harrison’s and Vetafarm now produce a neanate formula which has shown to be excellent for newly hatched psittacines and passerines.

Extruded Diets

The availability of commercially produced avian diets in Australia has increased over the last several years. This has been a direct result of the increased research and breeder demand. Companies such as Pretty Bird, Harrisons Bird Foods, and Vetafarm have developed diets that address nutritional requirements of captive birds, especially parrots. These nutrionally balanced diets are presented in pellet form, providing birds in the home convenient access to nutrition they would not otherwise obtain.