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Congo African Grey – Species Information from Priam Parrot Breeding Centre

Congo African Grey – Species Information

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Psittacus erithacus erithacus

There are two strongly differentiated subspecies, Congo African Grey (P.e. erithacus) from Central Africa, and Timneh African Grey (P.e. timneh), darker and with upper mandible dark red tinged black, from West Africa.

This species is listed as Near Threatened because a recent analysis suggests that up to 21% of the global population may be harvested annually (during 1994-2003, over 359,000 wild-caught individuals were reportedly exported from range states). In combination with the rate of ongoing habitat loss, the species is therefore suspected to be declining moderately rapidly.

Species Distribution Map

Psittacus e.timneh
Psittacus e.timneh
Psittacus e.erithacus
Psittacus e.erithacus

Current Species Information & Fact Sheets

» Birdlife International (2009) Species factsheet

» 2009 IUCN Red List Category: NT (near threatened)

» CITES Appendix II

» Open Species Distribution Map in Google Maps



“I bought a baby Congo African Grey from Priam 2 weeks ago and am amazed at what a wonderful, steady bird he is. I’ve had a female CAG for 13 years and although she is fairly outgoing, she is nervous about new things. Due to his steady nature, the Priam baby is already a confident member of my flock of (now) 8 companion parrots, eats anything put in front of him and accepts toys and new experiences without batting an eyelid. He was obviously raised, fledged and weaned with care and respect and it shows. He will even chase my 12 year old male Amazon (also a wonderful Priam bird)! If you are considering a companion parrot, you just can’t go past a Priam bird.” .. Michelle


“Billy is one of my African Grey parrots who turned 2 years old in July this year.    We purchased Billy from Priam when he was almost one year old.    Billy was handraised by Priam and was by then established in an aviary setting.

We picked Billy up at Brisbane Airport and brought him home.   He instantly stepped up and was astoundingly bright and cheery after his flight.   It quickly became clear that he was unlike any of my other Grey Parrots who were somewhat slower to accept new surroundings, toys, cages etc.

Billy was confident in all situations, a fantastic strong flyer and according to our avian vet, an extremely sound and healthy bird in all respects.   He is the only bird in my collection of five that has been noted to have perfect bone structure.   It is quite common for vets to see African Greys with skeletal abnormalities.

Billy astounded us with his confidence, agility, personality and vocalizations.   He is an excellent flyer, with strong muscles and excellent feather condition.   He loves all fresh fruit and vegetables and is fed Harrisons organic pellets, which we also source from Priam.

I have a facebook page called Five Grey Parrots where you can see photographs of Billy.  He is a fabulous looking cock bird and we hope that one day he might choose to pair up with one of our girls.  In the meantime, he is a very loved and adored companion and a wonderful flock member.

We can’t thank the Priam team enough for the wonderful work they do.   The birds are abundantly weaned, well socialised and above all, they know they are birds … able to accept new situations, changes to their environment, interact with their own kind and have trust in their human providers. 

I would recommend a Priam bird without question!” .. Ann