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Keeping Exotic Birds in Australia from Priam Parrot Breeding Centre

Keeping Exotic Birds in Australia

November 25, 2011




Keeping Exotic Birds in Australia


2007 Inventory of Exotic (non-native) Bird Species known to be in Australia

Buyers of exotic birds should ensure that the seller is able to provide a genuine copy of relevant documents and records for individual birds that prove legal entry or legal ownership.


Exotic Bird Record-keeping Scheme


An MTR is not proof of legitimate origin of a specimen and the buyer should ensure necessary supporting information is available.  If you intentionally record false information legal action could be taken against you.


A guide to record keeping for Exotic Birds



Proving Legal Possession of Exotic Birds


If you keep an exotic (non-native) bird that:


  1. is listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), or
  2. is not listed on Part 1 of the live import list


You must be able to prove its legal origin.