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December 26, 2009


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Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance with Autoturn Cradle

The Octagon 20 Advance incubator builds on decades of success of earlier Octagon 20’s with an all new intelligent design combining latest digital and materials technology with Brinsea’s 30 years of experience. The result is an easy to use, accurate and high performance incubator with exactly the right controls to give the hatching results you need.

The Octagon 20 Advance is also available in EX form which includes full automatic control of humidity.






Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance EX

The Octagon 20 Advance EX is an Octagon 20 Advance incubator with the matching Humidity PUMP module to maintain total control of the incubation humidity level and additional foam lined egg dividers to protect fragile or damaged eggs and remove the any effects of jolts from the turning system.

Improved control for valuable or hard to incubate eggs.






Brinsea Mini Advance Auto

The Brinsea Mini Advance provides automatic egg turning with autostop 2 days prior to hatching, countdown to date-of-hatch and temperature alarms on its digital display so you always know the status of your hatch.







Brinsea Ova Easy 190EX and 380








Brinsea Hatchmaker

Temperature control is provided by Brinsea’s proven proportional electronic system which gives very accurate and stable control unaffected by voltage variations and changes in barometric pressure.–mains-supply/9/







Brinsea Polyhatch Incubator

Automatic turning and accurate and stable temperature control.






Brinsea Octagon 40 DX Incubator with Autoturn Cradle

Full function, reliable, versatile incubator with twice the capacity of the Octagon 20.






Brinsea Octagon TLC-4 Parrot Cabinet Brooder

The advanced Octagon Thermal Life-support Cabinet Brooder, with double skin insulation, temperature control, and positive pressure ventilation.