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January 28, 2012


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AB Newlife 75 Mk6 Professional Incubator with rollers

Microprocessor controlled temperature; dial up humidity system; programmable turning system; high temperature alarm sounder, and automatic heater cut out to prevent damage to eggs.

Please click on this link to download incubation recommendations:

AB Newlife 75Mk6incubator instructions-8-6-2010







AB Isothermic Cabinet Brooder Mk2

375mm x 375mm x 300mm

Temperature and humidity control, all round vision and easy cleaning.









AB Portable Brooder 12V DC

The A.B. 12v DC Portable Brooder has been developed to provide a well insulated cabinet to conserve electrical energy from a vehicle or battery supply, while allowing the chicks to travel in comfort at a brooding temperature.








AB Newlife 75 Portable Incubator 12V DC

The A.B. Newlife 75 Portable incubator is a specialist unit for transporting eggs during incubation.







AB Newlife 75 Mk3 Moving Air Hatcher

560mm x 550mm x 300mm.