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Double Yellow-headed Amazon – Photos

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Double Yellow-headed Amazon Feathers


Double Yellow-headed Amazon – Species Information

Amazona oratrix

Also known as the Yellow-headed Amazon and Yellow-headed parrot, this is one of the largest of the amazons.  Listed as a species Amazona oratrix, by IUCN.

It is also variously divided into subspecies A.oratrix oratrix (including A.o.magna from the Gulf slope of Mexico), A.o. belizensis, A.o.hondurensis, A.o.tresmariae and A.o.guatemalensis (provisional).

Amazona oratrix has undergone a dramatic population decline, judged at 90% since the mid-1970s, to 7,000 birds in 1994.  Numbers continue to decline primarily due to habitat loss and nest poaching for the wild bird trade.

Species Distribution Map

Amazona ochrocephala oratrix
Amazona oratrix

Current Species Information & Fact Sheets

Birdlife International (2009) Species factsheet

2010 IUCN Red List Category: EN (endangered)

CITES Appendix I

ARKive Yellow-headed Parrot

Wikipedia – Amazona oratrix

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