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December 19, 2009

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All our parrots for sale are DNA blood sexed, health checked, and microchipped.  All our parrots come with the governments MTR (Movement Transaction Record) and are loaded onto an international data base which is constantly backed up on servers around the globe. The data base is known as ISIS (International Species Information System) see ‘Parrot Breeding Links’ for details .

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Equipment & Technologies















We offer a wide range of specialist avian breeding equipment, including incubators, brooders, and incubation and husbandry accessories.

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Diet & Nutrition
















PPC offers a wide range of quality imported and local, organic and traditional, nutritionally balanced pelleted diets for birds and hand-rearing formula; as well as a range of nuts, seeds and mixes, and a large variety of avian vitamin and mineral supplements and wellness products.

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Flicks & Pics
















A comprehensive range of Parrot Breeding videos and demonstrations, including parrot feeding, incubation and psittaculture techniques.

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Environment & Facilities















Priam Psittaculture Centre was established in 1997 at the Silver Dawn Parrot farm near Bungendore, NSW, Australia and is  situated in 18 hectares of native eucalypt woodland with aviaries and associated facilities set within. Checkout our wide range of parrot breeding flights and aviaries.

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Conservation Research
















Priam Psittaculture Centre encourages through education an awareness of the conservation needs of parrots of the world. The breeding facility’s design is based on world leading technologies and is in accordance with the aims and objectives of the CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

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We offer a comprehensive range of parrot breeding resources to assist all breeders of parrots. These include Food & Diet Sheets for breeding and non-breeding parrots, resource information on pathogens, movie demonstrations on feeding baby parrots and much more.

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Species Information

December 23, 2009

















Parrot species information, including current population information, species distribution maps, and links to latest fact sheets from CITES, IUCN and Birdlife international.

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