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Meyer’s Parrot – Photos

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Meyer’s ParrotMeyer’s ParrotMeyer’s Parrot

Meyer’s Parrot – Species Information

Meyer’s Parrot

Poicephalus meyeri

This species has a large range and the population trend appears to be stable.   It has been heavily traded: since 1981, when it was listed on CITES Appendix II, 75,387 wild-caught individuals have been recorded in international trade (UNEP-WCMC CITES Trade Database, January 2005).

There are six subspecies separable into two groupings identified by intensity of plumage colouration: three paler subspecies from drier regions and three darker subspecies from humid regions.

Species Distribution Map

Poicephalus meyeri
Poicephalus meyeri

Current Species Information & Fact Sheets

» Birdlife International (2009) Species factsheet

» 2009 IUCN Red List Category: LC (least concern)

» CITES Appendix II

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